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We Nomad (हम बंजारे)




“A member of people that travel place to place”

Synonyms: Travelers, Wanderers, Explorers, Voyagers


We all like to travel, isn’t it, especially when it is a random plan? Don’t we often get stuck with a check-list of the things to carry while planning for it? We all have faced it as it is hard to arrange the traveling gears especially when it is on a short note.


Well, we took this problem to heart and challenged ourselves to solve it not just for us but for the whole traveling enthusiasts. This is how “WE NOMAD Lifestyle” is born in pursuit of making traveler’s life easy (…..okay okay, a little bit easy on some parts)


In “WE NOMAD Life Style”, WE represents the community of traveling enthusiasts who love to live it in a nomadic way. WE are Explorers, Voyagers, Walkers, Runners, Nomads. WE believe that our home is not just confined to four walls but it is every part of earth.


Who are we?

We are a young startup by a passionate team who love to travel.


Our Mission?

  • Creating a connected community of travelers who are Nomadic in true sense
  • Make it easy to check done the list of “Things to Carry”

How are we solving it?

One by one, we are bringing in all traveling gears under one roof, starting with traveling bags. 


Our offering?

We are offering travel related accessories on our store and we would keep on adding up with your support.


Why Consider buying from us?

  • For us, you are not just a customer but a part of journey
  • Delivering quality products is our preference. We may not always achieve it 100% but we will accept our faults and fix them for the present and future.
  • At this point, we may not be as economical as others, but we ensure you best of our after sales support
  • At backend, we are developing a system to make you part of our traveling community

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